The fully customizable solution. For every B2B platform use case.

B2B marketplaces

Well-known from the B2C world, now in B2B flavor. Two-sided setups where consumers and providers interact in order to execute some kind of value-adding transaction. These can be traditional product based, wholesale, multi-vendor marketplaces or service, booking or rental based ones.

Customized onboarding processes

Multiple listing types

Browse & click discovery

Availability management

Multiple monetization methods

On-platform payments

B2B digital platform

Next gen multi-sided and/or multi-layered marketplaces, with multiple highly customized business processes, advanced curation/validation mechanisms, powerful communication & messaging and complex monetization requirements.

Forward and reverse auctions

Custom service specification and ordering process

Multiple participants, listings & custom transaction types

Multiple monetization methods

On-platform payments

Internal (private) platforms

Leverage digital platform technology to automate and optimize diverse complex internal processes and integrate them with your existing systems. Engage your employees with modern interaction channels (chat, voice, video) and boost your productivity.

E-procurement platforms

RFQ management platforms

Supply chain / logistics / freight platforms

Employee benefits systems

Collaboration platforms

What our customers are saying?

"After a long evaluation process we decided for randevu after we received a PoC of the core process of our platform. By leveraging their technology we were able to go to market 2 times faster and in the most cost efficient way."

Christian Götze
Founder and CEO

"randevu team has been very supportive and professional. They are constantly improving their product and prioritizing our feature requests and that is making us a happy customer."

Tsimafey Sakalou
Frontend Developer