The fully customizable solution

We can help you lower your total cost of ownership (TCO), speed up your time to market, and build custom B2B marketplaces and digital platforms that meet your specific needs.

As a business executive or a CTO you can trust randevu to support your efforts to increase efficiency and achieve your goals.

Business executives

As a business executive, building a B2B digital platform or marketplace can provide numerous benefits for your business:

  1. Increased revenue: A B2B digital platform or marketplace can help you reach a wider audience, enabling you to sell more products or services and drive revenue growth.
  2. Improved efficiency: By automating processes and reducing the need for manual tasks, a digital platform can help you streamline operations and increase efficiency.
  3. Enhanced stakeholder experience: A digital platform can provide a better experience for your customers, partners and employees leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.
  4. Competitive advantage: Building a digital platform or marketplace can give you a competitive edge by differentiating you from your competitors and positioning you as a leader in your industry.
randevu for business executives

IT Executives and developers

randevu is a technology stack that is built by developers for developers. That is why it is very important for us to provide the right tools and experience we expect other tech stacks to have:

  • Sandbox and production environments
  • Backend API (GraphQL)
  • Webhooks
  • API users and API keys
  • Out-of-the-box scalability
  • Storage-space
  • Advanced integrations
  • Role-based permissions
  • Documentation
  • Email, chat and community support
randevu for it executives and developers


As a founder of a tech company you would need to go market faster with limited resources and validate and iterate your business. At randevu we help you with:

  1. Faster time to market: Faster time to market: building everything from scratch takes a long time, as it involves developing all the necessary components. Using randevu tech building blocks you can speed up the development process and customize your business logic.
  2. Lower your TCO: building everything from scratch can be very expensive, as it requires significant resources.
  3. Focus on the value you add: you and your team can focus on building the features and capabilities that adds value to your business.
  4. Iterate and scale: as you validate your business, you would need to change, iterate and make changes in your platform and randevu allows full customization.
randevu for founders

What our customers are saying?

"After a long evaluation process we decided for randevu after we received a PoC of the core process of our platform. By leveraging their technology we were able to go to market 2 times faster and in the most cost efficient way."

Christian Götze
Founder and CEO

"randevu team has been very supportive and professional. They are constantly improving their product and prioritizing our feature requests and that is making us a happy customer."

Tsimafey Sakalou
Frontend Developer