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1.000 EUR / month
9% revenue share
backoffice app
API access
frontend app
shared storage
normal processing power
access to community
chat with randevu
4.000 EUR / month
4% revenue share
backoffice app
API access
frontend app
private storage
normal processing power
access to community
chat with randevu
4h setup consulting
10.000 EUR / month
1,5% revenue share
backoffice app
API access
frontend app
private storage
high processing power
access to community
chat with randevu
video-calls with randevu
8h setup consulting
randevu cloud
frontend development
backend development
private cloud instance
randevu consultancy
premium support
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Approach and in depth features

randevu is not just a cloud service. It gives you all you need to build and run everything from the simplest online shop to the most complex, n-sided matching platform in regulated space. No matter if you want to connect buyers with sellers, host with guests, real-estate brokers with banks and notaries, randevu is a place to start and a long-term business companion.

Marketplace Participants
Almost every platform starts with 2 participant sides and a single network effect. Later on, new sides could be added to enable another network effect, i.e. offer additional added value to the platform transactions. You define the information structure for each participant,  data access, as well as their particular onboarding process, which is especially important in more managed and regulated spaces.
· Unlimited participant sides
· Custom data model for every participant type 
· Configurable data access and visibility
· Out-of-the-box onboarding processes
· Customizable and extendable onboarding processes
Supply (synonyms: listing, product, value unit) attracts consumers to join the platform in the first place. It can be a physical product, a digital asset, a bus or concert ticket, a consultancy service, and many more. You can enable and manage unlimited supply types. You define data models for every supply type, data access, onboarding processes, and availability management for your supply, based on stock (e.g. physical goods), schedules (booking or rental) and similar.
· Unlimited supply types
· Custom data model for every supply type
· Configurable data access and visibility
· Out-of-the-box onboarding processes
· Customisable and extendable onboarding processes
· Advanced availability management (SKU, time-based, series-based, etc)
Discovery Process
Discovery process allows participants to browse supply & other participants on your platform.Based on your needs, you can configure if search is available only for registered participants, or also for non-logged in participants. You can fine tune what filters are available for the search as well as what supply/participant information is disclosed during the discovery phase.
· Switch-off/on search functionality
· Out-of-the-box participant & supply search 
· Configurable filters for search
· Configurable information disclosure for discovered supply vs. “purchased” supply
· Switch-off/on search functionality for non-logged-in participants
· Configurable information disclosure for logged-in and non-logged in participants
Business Transactions
Transactions in randevu are value-adding business processes, offered by your platform. They involve the interaction between participants that typically evolves around a supply and involve checkout and payment processes. Discovery process is configured, as well as additional matching tools, to enable the efficient interaction, match making and payment. Various interaction flavours are available on-demand for the optimal user experience for your participants: shopping cart transactions, auctions, browse & pick, indirect matching, auctions are some examples.
· Unlimited number of business transaction types
· Out-of-the-box common business transactions
· Shopping-cart transactions
· Direct-single-supply-checkout transactions
· Indirect-single-supply-checkout transactions
· Auctions
· Bring-your-own-business-transaction: model and create transaction that fits your needs
· Custom matching-algorithms
Payments & Revenue Models
Most of the transactions on a platform include some kind of payment. Out-of-the-box integrations to different Payment Gateways and flexibility to add your own integration.One or more monetisation schemes for your platform. Transaction fees, commissions, subscription or any combination of these. Flexible transfers (payments from your platform to your providers) are coming soon.
· Out-of-the-box integration with Payment Gateways (Stripe, others coming soon)
· Extendable with Payment Gateway of your choice
· Unlimited number of revenue models for your platform
· Flexible platform monetization
Backoffice App
With randevu you can see how your marketplace is progressing. What participant signed-up, how active they are, what supply did they bring to the platform, how many transactions you have, marketplace KPIs, and many.
· Out-of-the-box dashboard
· See and manage all your participants
· See and manage supply on your platform
· See and track transaction statuses
· See all payments and transfers
· Flexibility to bring-your-own dashboard
Frontoffice App
With randevu you get your first landing page and working platform in a matter of minutes. Brand it, change the colour scheme and wording. Two most common transaction types, with either discovery or indirect matching are included for you to start selling immediately. Amazingly lean kick-off of your platform with no tech team at all.
· Out-of-the-box landing page
· Out-of-the-box marketplace app
· Ouf-of-the-box participant registrations and onboarding
· 2 business transactions including payment processing
· Fully no-code configuration
Developers' Lounge
Stay on the safe side and use the sandbox environment for development and testing, push-to-production when you are ready. All configurable building blocks are powered by randevu backend that is accessible in real-time via randevu API. This is opening a door of practically unlimited flexibility. Your engineering team can create anything from the brand new platform frontend, dashboards, mobile-applications, data post-processing, bulk imports, custom integrations, etc. Since the storage space and scalability are randevu responsibility, you can fully focus on your features and adding value for your customers.
· Sandbox & Production environments
· Backend API (GraphQL)
· Webhooks
· API Users & API Keys
· Out-of-the-box scalability
· Storage-space
· Advanced integrations
· Role-based permissions
· Email & chat & community support

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