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randevu visiting e-commerce berlin EXPO

June 1-2, 2023 at Gut Hühnerhof in Gründau, Germany

Plattform.Macher Tage - 2nd Edition

Plattform.Macher Tage is THE meeting place for platform operators in Germany and those who want to become one, as well as for researchers and service providers from the B2B platform sector.
We are very much looking forward to exciting workshops and keynote speeches as well as exchanging knowledge and experiences.
Filip and Aleks will be speaking at the event about vertical digital B2B platforms.
- Learn more about the conference: Plattform.Macher Tage website

PS: We are proud sponsors of Plattform.Macher Tage 2023!

The upcoming events will be announced soon. Stay tuned.

Previous events

randevu meetup april 2023

April 2023

randevu Meetup: Laufen deutsche KMU bei der Plattformökonomie / Digitalisierung hinterher? Die Rolle von Marktplätzen und digitalen Plattformen.

Es war sooo guuut - unser erstes Live Meetup! 💪
Das Meetup begann mit einem kurzen Vortrag von Filip zum Thema "Plattformökonomie & Digitalisierung und deutsche KMUs". Anschließend konnten über 20 Teilnehmer von den Branchenexperten Bernd Weidmann, Anna Ploskonos und Philip Meier viele interessante Einblicke gewinnen können. Mehr zu den Einblicken findet ihr in Filip's Linkedin Post.

Nach der Fragerunde wurde ausgiebig genetworkt - mit Getränken und leckeren Pizzas. Wir freuen uns auf das nächste Meetup. Stay tuned!

randevu visiting e-commerce berlin EXPO

March 2023

How to Choose the Right Growth Strategy for Your Marketplace or Startup?

Product-led growth (PLG) or sales-lead growth (SLG)? Dr. Else van der Berg covered the theoretical part of these two approaches and gave lots of examples on how companies are approaching this topic. After that, Aleks gave his insights on the topic with examples of his previous startups.
Ping us if you want to watch the recordings of the webinar.

randevu visiting e-commerce berlin EXPO

February 2023

E-Commerce Berlin EXPO

We visited the largest pure-play e-commerce event in Germany. It was a great event that helped us connecting with potential customers and meet industry experts.
- Learn more about the event:

randevu's webinar: building and customizing your B2B digital platforms with

February 2023

Webinar: Building and customizing your B2B digital platforms with

Filip Perišić, our co-founder and CTO, shared the story behind The attendents learned about the building blocks of a scalable B2B marketplace and how can help them create one that fits their needs. Additionally, Filip showed the product demo showing how randevu's infrastructure works in action.
- Learn more about the webinar: Linkedin Event Post

randevu's webinar: how to scale your SME business through B2B digital platforms and marketplaces

December 2022

Webinar: How to scale your SME business through B2B digital platforms / marketplaces

We organized our first webinar, partnering up with's CEO Matthias Walter and TOOLPLACE's founder Christian Götze.
We were talking about how to build your own platform to become the orchestrator of your market, how selling through platforms boost your revenue and how partnering with your peers can form an industry-wide ecosystem.
- Learn more about the webinar: LinkedIn Event Post

randevu visiting the Marketplace Conference in Berlin 2022

October 2022

The Marketplace Conference in Berlin 2022

The Marketplace Conference is an annual event focused on all things marketplaces and unites marketplace entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts.
- Learn more about the conference:

randevu visiting the Sharing Economy Global Summit in London 2022

October 2022

Sharing Economy Global Summit in London 2022

randevu founders, Aleks and Filip, explored different generations of marketplaces and platforms and outlined new technology challenges behind modern digital platforms.
- Learn more about the conference:

randevu visiting the Platform.Macher Tage 2022

June 2022

The Platform.Macher Tage 2022

First speech? At the Plattform.Macher Tage (the fastest-growing german B2B Platform community) in the beautiful Kinzig.Valley in June 2022. 

randevu visiting the Platform Leaders 2021

November 2021

The Platform Leaders 2021

Our very first conference. It was online, but still - we were there 🤓