We believe in the power of marketplaces and the value they can unlock for many people around the world.

About Us

As developers who have built marketplaces ourselves we know how frustrating their development process can be.

Every team has to start from scratch with coding the basic building blocks: supply and demand side, matching, and discovery. This being just the beginning of the journey with countless more hours spent on reworking and customising this first logic.

New approach to building marketplaces

We’ve launched randevu because we think there is a better way of creating a great marketplace. Our vision is to give teams their precious time back by providing them with solution that combines a simple intuitive no code tool that helps built the basic backend first with the power of APIs. And that allows them to change and customise their original workflows any time they need.

This is a new approach to building marketplaces that saves teams time and money and lets them focus on the things that are the most important - creating a successful business.

We’re making randevu available for early adopters and optimising for tech teams in pre-MVP and MVP stage
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