The smarter way to build your marketplace

Build, run and scale your marketplace without technical debt by using randevu’s platform, integrations, and API you can hook in anywhere

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How does it work

Configure your basic marketplace logic
Use our wizard to instantly create a first version of your marketplace
Tweak the details of the basic building blocks: providers, consumers, supply, etc.
Rebrand your initial frontend
No code required
Launch your business in days instead of months
Easily customise your marketplace with our flow builder
Add our out-of-the-box integrations
Validate and iterate quickly. Your frontend is updated in real-time!
No technical debt incurred
Extend and scale smoothly
Use randevu API for the finest level of customisation 
Create a UX/UI your customers will love, on top of randevu API 
randevu scales automatically for you
No loss of momentum. Ever!

Easily configure even the most complex marketplace

Don’t sweat the easy stuff. Set up the basic building blocks of your marketplace with just a couple of clicks and save countless development hours.

No coding needed.

Launch your marketplace quickly

Use it to validate, iterate and improve your product while always keeping it in sync with your configuration.

Iterate faster than ever

Customise and orchestrate your workflows 

Use our flow builder to design perfect onboarding journey for your users. Customise any algorithm or logic and add any new processes your business might need.

Full flexibility with our flow builder

Go beyond frontiers with randevu API

Focus your dev team’s efforts where they really matter. Use our API to extend and customise your backend, and add new frontends to your marketplace.

For developers from developers

Check out our documentation

Wrap up your marketplace with best-of-brand integrations

Use our out-of-the-box integrations with such popular tools as Stripe, Mailchimp, Intercome and more.

Beautiful add-ons on demand

We’re making randevu available for early adopters and optimising for tech teams in pre-MVP and MVP stage
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