Build, run and scale your digital platforms and marketplaces with ease

With randevu's highly customizable headless cloud infrastructure you can build and scale your platforms faster and cost-efficient.

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How does it work

Configure the logic of your digital platform/marketplace
· Jump-start your configuration and create your marketplace within minutes using our wizard.
· Fine tune building blocks such as providers, consumers, supply, and many more.
· Adjust the initial frontend to your own branding.
Launch your business in days instead of months
· Customise your platform processes with our flow builder.
· Modify existing and add new business processes such as onboarding journeys, transactions, and many more.
· Add out-of-the-box integrations or build your own.
Expand and scale your platform smoothly
· Use randevu API for the finest level of customisation.
· Create a UX/UI your customers will love, on top of randevu API.
· randevu scales your tech infrastructure (servers, networks, databases, etc) automatically for you.

Main benefits

Easily set up your digital platform

Don't sweat building foundations of every platform. Instead, set it up with a couple of clicks using randevu's building blocks.


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Launch your digital platform quickly

Use randevu to quickly validate, iterate and improve your platform. Burn minutes and hours instead of days and weeks.


Customise and orchestrate your workflows

Use our flow builder to design a perfect onboarding journey for your participants or supply, customize any algorithm or logic, cover complex business processes and much more.


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Go beyond frontiers with randevu API

Focus your dev team’s efforts where they really matter. Use our API to extend and customize your platform, and add new frontends to your platform.


Check our documentation

Wrap up your digital platform with best-of-brand integrations

Use our out-of-the-box integrations with such popular tools as Stripe, Mailchimp, and more.


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